Ages 23 and over

Publication of the final results: 9 July, 2021

The competitive application process for applicants aged 23 and over is aimed at all those who wish to build their personal project and enhance their future. Academic qualifications are not required, but you must have turned 23 by December of the year preceding your application. The test, which includes a specific component and a Portuguese language component, aims to assess the candidate's potential to enter Higher Education. The evaluation of the school and professional curriculum and an interview are the selection methods that will follow the tests.

Tiago Rosário joined UAlg through this competition and has already finished his degree in Agronomy. He believes that this “is an excellent opportunity for those who want to learn and obtain a higher education, but who for some reason have not completed 12th grade.” With a diverse professional experience, Tiago decided to join UAlg because he felt “the need to acquire new knowledge and improve my academic training”. The choice of the degree had to do with the fact that he had always been “attracted to the area of production and the primary sector”.

Regarding his experience as a university student, Tiago guarantees it was very positive. "It was very enriching at various levels, mainly in friendship and helping with colleagues, in the availability and closeness of the teaching staff". He also guarantees that "the opportunity that the university gives people to be able to go back to studying ‘after their time’ is an asset for everyone".

In his opinion, younger students can also benefit from contact with students over 23, because "they can learn from their experiences". The student also believes that “society benefits from having such diversified graduates in the job market”.

More information about the over 23s (here)