Centro de Física Matemática e Física Teórica

Structure type: 
Centros de Estudos e Desenvolvimento
Robertus Potting
Thematic Area: 
Engenharias e Tecnologias
Scientific Area: 
Física Matemática e Física Teórica
Research Lines: 

- Fundamental symmetries of space-time and spontaneous symmetry breaking

- Alternative Models of Gravity

- Models of vacuum nonlinear electrodynamics, including Born-Infeld theory

- Applications of generalized Gaudin algebras in classical and quantum integrable systems

- Unified description of inflation, dark matter and dark energy within different cosmological models and different theories of gravity

- Mathematical and numerical analysis of systems of partial differential equations modelling problems of fluid mechanics, whether in the laminar or in the turbulent regime

- Mathematical and numerical analysis of partial differential equations with non-standard growth

- 2-representation theory: classification of the simple transitive 2-representations of Soergel bimodules for any finite Coxeter type

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