Application procedures

Students who would like to attend a short period of studies (up to one year) at the University of Algarve should contact the International Relations of your Home University for an official nomination. Only after this the International and Mobility Office of the University of Algarve will send you the link for the online Application Form.


- 15 April for the 1st semester or full academic year
- 15 October for the 2nd semester

Important: The mentioned deadlines are only for mobility/exchange under the Erasmus programme or a Cooperation Agreement. For the programmes Erasmus Mundus, Ciência sem Fronteira or other External EU Cooperation programme, applicants should check their specific deadlines.

Academic calendar

Generally, the academic year is organised into two semesters:
- 1st semester, beginning in September and ending in January;
- 2nd semester, beginning in February and ending in June.

Subjects may be semester or yearlong and the exams are held at the end of each semester (January and June).

For international students, the academic year starts with the Orientation Week (usually held in the previous week to the start of classes), dedicated to help students to integrate better and faster into the new cultural environment.

To see the present academic calendar go to Academic Calendar. 

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