Users of the University of Algarve, including academic staff, graduate and undergraduate students, have borrowing rights according to the posssibilities, ensuring it equitable use.

Number of documents and loan term

Students and staff - may borrow a maximum of 5 documents from each library, for 7 days.

Teachers - a maximum of 10 documents from each library, for 14 days.

External Readers - a maximum of 2 documents, for 7 days.

You can renew the loan period two times, for a similar period of time. You can choose the option "Leitor (renovações) - User renewals)" on the library's web page, or you can send an e-mail to or at the library's service desk. Please provide your student number or number of external user.

Condicioned Loans

Due to high demand. some works have borrowing conditions. These documents can be identified in differente ways:

- Library at Gambelas campus: the pressence of a colored ribbon at the bottom of the spine, whose meaning is as follows:

Blue* – unauthorized loan.

Red – Restricted to a 1 days loan.

Green – Limited to a 3 days loan.

* exceptionally these wirjs nay be borrowed for a short time (usually half an hour) by leaving in the main desk an ID or another similar identification document. 

- Library at Penha Campus: Two yellow balls on the spine - unauthorized loan.

Auto-return (only available in the Library at Gambelas Campus)

There’s a self–return slot, near the entrance in the Gambelas Library. This is a device that allows the return of documents outside normal opening hours. Consists essentially in an opening on the right side of the main entrance of the library, where the books are returned before the midnight hour of the days's return.

Documents not available for borrowing

Referece Works – Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Atlas, etc

Periodicals – Newspapers and Journals

Cartographic items

Theses and internship reports


The reader will always be the one responsible for the documents entrusted to. In case of damage or loss the user shall be obligated to indemnify the Library.

Documents will be considered damaged to the actions of folding, cutting, tearing, writing, scratching, drawing, underlining, soiling or wetting, in whole or in part of this part - including covers , pages and / or detachables.


All borrowed library materials must be returned within the allotted loan period.

Failure to do so will result in a fine of € 0.25 per book and per day including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The reader who refuses to pay a fine won’t be able to request further documents until full payment of the debt.

Users who won’t deliver items in time, may see limited its right to issuance of certificates and diplomas.

Compliance with the Library’s  Regulation will provide better services to users, including the correct and equitable sharing of the existing library resources. 


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