The Documentary Fund of the Gambelas  Library consists of:

  • Books  - 110 000 
  • Theses  - 5 500 
  • Audio visual material - 5 100
  • Maps - 1 600
  • Cartazes - 1 090
  • Newspapers - 3 566 titles

Special Collections
Offered or donated by institutions, academics, specialists or personalities who excelled in their ares of study and research:

European Documentation Center

5940 documents: studies, documentation and information on Community matters, European Union actions and policies

INE (Statistics Portugal) Collection

Statistical publications produced by INE (Statistics Portugal), received regularly within the framewok of the protocol betweenUAlg and INE - RIIBES

Collection offered by Eng.º Dom Luis Bramão

Works on soil studies

"Espólio"  Estela Berger

1190 documents that cover culture, education and teaching, languages and literatures…

"Espólio" João Félix

440 documents on environment, social sciences, economic and regional development, economics, management, history, marketing, tourism, politics

"Espólio" Joaquim da Rocha Peixoto Magalhães

6 400 documents on several areas, environment, art, biographies, teaching and education, philosophy, cultural history, history of Portugal, languages, Portuguese literature and others, politics, sociology

"Espólio"Leonel Neves

2 100 documents on human and social sciences mainly portuguese literature

"Espólio" Manuel Gomes Guerreiro

2 400 documents on agriculture, environment, biology and botany, climate, forests, economic development, ecology, economy, energy, higher education, history, politics…

"Espólio" Maria Aliete Galhoz

1 580 documents on Portuguese literature, poetry, Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese culture

"Espólio" Maria de Lourdes Belchior

5 800 documents on several humanistic areas, such as cultural anthropology, architecture, art, biographies, culture, teaching, literary studies, philosophy, history, language and linguístics, Portuguese and other literatures, politics, religion…

"Espólio" Teresa Júdice Gamito

1 370 documents about Algarve, antiquity, archeology, architecture, art, archeological ceramics, culture, islam and the Arab world, history, heritage, people and settlement, pre and protohistory

Dr. Mário Lyster Franco Newspaper Library

gathers nearly 180 titles (with single numblers from the Portuguese regional press of the late 19th and early 20th centuries)