Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (FCHS)

The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais - FCHS) is a young faculty, thus having the energy and tenacity, characteristic of youth. Nevertheless, its staff has a long professional and academic history, dating back to the Exact and Human Sciences Department. The Humanities, the Arts and the Social Sciences, the three big intervention areas of FCHS, shape themselves within the large diversity of projects, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees, as well as non-curricular courses and life-long learning courses offered by the faculty’s two departments: Arts and Humanities; and Psychology and Educational Sciences.

FCHS, constantly aware of social and cultural transformations, places upon itself the responsibility of keeping up-to-date, active, restless, nonconforming, but also vibrant and complex-free. It is conscious of its place within the University of Algarve, established through its short but unique history of affirmation in an unparalleled wealth. A wealth intrinsic to the identity of a University that strives to be both classical and modern: a richness in humanistic knowledge, which is ineffable and unquantifiable, allowing for a challenging encounter with the predicament of our human condition.


Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais (FCHS)

Campus de Gambelas, Edifício 1

8005-139 Faro - PORTUGAL

General Enquiries: fchs@ualg.pt

Mobility Coordinator: mobfchs@ualg.pt



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