Before leaving


Before you return home there are some procedures that you should remember to follow at the University, as well as in Faro.

These procedures are important to avoid future delays or even problems with the University services or Portuguese authorities.


At the University

Before you return home be sure that your list of subjects/course units attended at the University of Algarve is correct.

If you have made changes in your Learning Agreement, check that your home University has signed the document and has returned it to the International and Mobility Office. Your Transcript of Records depends on that!

In case needed, don’t forget to ask a departure document to the International and Mobility Office before you leave (Certificate of Attendance).

Don’t forget to return all books to the Library and pay fines that you may have. Your Transcript of Records and/or Diploma depend on that.

Fill in the questionnaire form to let us know how do you fill about your stay with us. Thank you!


In faro

There are also some procedures in Faro that you should not forget before you return home.

Talk with your landlord or residence services to be sure that all payments for your accommodation were made and all is settled.

If you opened a bank account in Portugal and you are not going to use it again, don’t forget to close it.

Inform the proper authorities of your departure, if necessary.



Before leaving ...  

- Check your list of courses

- Check your Learning Agreement

- Check departure document (if applicable)

- Return all books to the Library and pay fines that you may have

- Check payments of your accommodation

- Close your bank account

- Inform the proper authorities – SEF, Municipality, etc. (if applicable)

- Please, fill in the questionnaire form


The International and Mobility team wishes you all the best!

Keep in touch! 

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