The teaching and research labs at the University of Algarve, with state-ofthe-art equipment, are important resources for academic and experiment activities. All campuses offer specific classrooms, computer and multimedia labs, auditoriums, study and meeting rooms.

Wireless Internet access is available on all campuses of the University and in most spaces (class and study rooms, libraries, laboratories, etc.).


The University Library is composed of different services, with library on each campus. The Library receives, organizes and provides access to bibliographic and documentary resources in several formats, in order to respond to educational, scientific and research activities of the University and the community. Bibliographic catalogue and access to the online resources are available from the library webpage at



The Gambelas Campus Library and The European Documentation Centre (EDC)

  • ca. 100,000 documents
  • 350 seated places
  • 26 study group (max. 8) rooms

The Penha Campus Library

  • ca. 75,000 documents
  • 170 seated places
  • 8 study group rooms

The School of Health Library

  • ca. 4,300 documents
  • 50 seated places
  • 3 study group rooms   

 The Portimão Campus Library

  • ca. 4,000 documents
  • 20 seated places

Online Knowledge Library - B-On

Besides the resources made available in each of the libraries, the University offers b-on (online knowledge library) access. B-on access is available on all University network computers (recognition and B-on access control performed through IP protocol). Users can access B-on through the University library website ( or through the official B-on site (

Users have free access to full text articles of main international journal publications. B-on allows online access to more than 22,000 electronic publications, breaking the barrier, which in the past made accessing reference resources difficult. Besides gaining access to full-length articles, other resources such as bibliographic references, catalogues, indexes, citation tools and other portals are available. SFX is another important tool which links records (results) from major databases directly to full-text articles: information is given on full text accessibility, available issues, embargo, abstracts, bibliographic citations, indexes and research links.

In addition to acess to Web of Knowledge database, Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, IEEE and SAGE publishers, the Online Knowledge Library since 2005 also incorporates other important ressouces and publishers: Academic Search Premier and Business Source Complete, Cinahl Plus with full text, MedicLatina, MedLine with full text, Psychology & Behavioral Science, SportDiscus with full text databases; American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics, Annual Reviews, Association for Computing Machinery, Institute of Physics, Royal Society of Chemistry, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Taylor & Francis, Zentrallblat and Nature.

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