Mid Season Campus

UAlg Mid Season Campus - 2018

Mid Season Campus

The University of Algarve has received 31 college foreign students from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, United States of America, Ireland, Lithuania, United Kingdom and Russia to spend a dream week, from 11th to 15th June. If on one hand they stayed surrendered to the Algarve, on the other there are many that put UAlg as their first choice to apply to a post-graduation, master or doctorate.

Rafael Barboza has 25 years old and came from Brazil, from the city of Sao Paulo. In the end, he made a summary of the week: “the paradise has a name and an address and it’s here in Faro, one amazing city, where the life quality is very good, has a lot of activities, for the tourists and for the residents.” Graduated in Sciences and Technology and bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering by the Federal University of ABC, Rafael Barboza wants to proceed to a master in Economics or Financial area. After a week in UAlg, he has no doubts to affirm that, in his priorities, “the Algarve academy is on the top of the list”.

Returning to Brazil, Rafael listed some important features of this “dream week”. In his opinion, “UAlg showed to have a great support structure for who wants to come study, to research or to be a good professional.” But, beyond the beautiful beaches and places, the people were the “cherry on the top”.

Rafael has understand that “people are very happy and, though the places can be very beautiful, only are completed with happy people”.

Carlos Sampedro has 21 years old. Currently, he is finishing his undergraduate degree in Biology, in the University of Alcalá de Henares, in Madrid. In the field trips, this Spanish student liked a lot to know some islands, like Culatra, and “know the life style of fishermen that lives there, and the way that they dedicate their lives to fish and their relationship with the ocean”. About UAlg, he says: “I enjoyed to know the University, some research centers and people from worldwide.” Carlos wants to apply to a master, but he didn’t decided already in what country, possibly in Portugal and “maybe here”.

«I loved it! It was very informative and mind open”!» , says Anyelina Mangru, 26 years old, from Florida International University, Miami, USA. “From all the activities I loved the field trip on boat to the Culatra Island and Farol Island. I loved the fact that the learning experience be theoretical and practical, not just presentations, but also outside the doors”. She really enjoyed the activities. “They presented us their projects and then we went to the field and saw what they are doing”. It was her first time in Portugal, it’s a country that she wants to know better and, definitely, she will come back. “Study in UAlg is a possibility and the main reason is because you have Ria Formosa, which is an important and unique ecosystem, similar to Florida, and there is a lot of work to do in its preservation and conservation.”

Saulé Medelyté is a Lithuanian girl with 21 years old, who is in UAlg since January, as an Erasmus Student. She came from Klaipéda University and she regards that other universities should promote some events like Mid-Season Campus. “Even though I was studying here five months ago, I met a lot of new stuff, new work groups, new places, I made some new contacts to my undergraduate degree work”. About the week, Saulé adds “without a doubt, an experience to repeat”.

From Ulster Univeristy, in Nothern Ireland, arrives Claire Tilley. After the experience, she considers come to UAlg to study in a master degree. “Everybody was super friendly, the sports activities were very fun, the group was much diversified and the masters seems to be very interesting.”

Also Monika Szynaka, who study in UAlg in the master of Marine Biology and is waiting to a scholarship from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) to attend a doctorate degree, lived a different experience. During the week, she was one of the staff member that has been with the group all the time. “These students were amazing, it was a mix of various cultures”. Visibly happy, but tired, Monika Szynaka tell: “I was amazed with the way that all of the week was organized. Everybody enjoyed and it was easier for me as monitor. I’ve done stuffs that, even though I was studied here for two years, I never had seen or done”. Emphasizing the interaction with the new people, she says: “I hope that in the next year we met again when they come to UAlg to study in a master degree.” Still about her own experience as a master student she tells: “I loved the master it gave me a lot of opportunities, the teachers were fantastic and my advisor was amazing”. With double nationality, American and Polish, Monika has fall in love with Faro, “it’s calm, I like a lot to be around the ocean, the people here are very nice. If I will couldn’t stay here to my doctorate I will be very upset, because I don’t want to go away.”

Paulo Águas, Rector of UAlg, couldn’t be more pleased with the Mid-Season Campus. “We received students from 9 nationalities and from reputable universities, and that shows that on one hand our work to conquer new students in an international level as been recognize. In the other hand, that our research is increasingly respected across borders.

Lectured in English, these courses were totally free for the participants, including accommodation and meals. Beyond the classes, in the morning, the participants has participated in sports and cultural activities, such as boat trip to Ria Formosa, hiking, guide visits, etc.. The courses were organized within the project “Algarve is our Campus – Study and Research in Algarve”, co-financed by the Programa Operacional Regional do Algarve – CRESC Algarve 2020, through the Sistema de Apoio a Ações Coletivas – Internacionalização, that has as main goal to promote and to increase the notoriety and attractiveness of University of Algarve and of the Region, through the implementation of events that aims the internationalization and the increase of the number of international students, teachers and researchers.

More info about the Mid Season Courses: Biology and Marine Sciences  |   Economics

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