Exhibition "When Portugal ruled the Seas. Golden Age of Polish History"
From 4th to 30th November, 2019 
Opening; November 8th, 2019 (Friday) at 15h00 with the presence of his excellency the Polish Republic Ambassador in Portugal, Jacek Junosza Kisielewski
Local: Gambelas Library
Org.: Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Portugal
Exhibition "Education and Philately: a brief approach"
From 20th  November to 20th December, 2019 
Philatelic exhibiton
Inauguration on November 20th, 2019 (Wednesday) at 17h
Local: Penha Library
Org.: Faro Philately Center / UAlg's Library
Book Presentation "Science with Life"
November 21st, 2019 (Thursday)
By the author Isa Mestre
Stories, shares, reports, in the first person. Life experiences that possess science and research. 11 scientists. 11 lives. 11 conversations with the voices and faces behind Science in Portugal.
Local: Gambelas Library Conference Room | 17h30
Org.: Author / UAlg's Library
Conversation "Public Libraries and Reading"
November 15th, 2019 (Friday)
With Patrícia de Jesus Palma (Investigator CHAM/UNL) and Olga Gago (S. Brás de Alportel Public Library)
Initiative integrated in the montlhy rubric CAFÉ COM LETRAS
Local: FNAC at Fórum Algarve | 18h30
Org.: Direção Regional de Cultura do Algarve / UAlg's Library / FNAC
Access to JSTOR  platform contents including more than 12 million academic and scientific journal articles from 75 thematic areas is available until 18th November, 2019.
URL:  -  choose one of the options Advanced Search  or  Browse. Credentials for accessing content: Username : ualg Password : jstortri32
Academic Search Ultimate Trial
Available until December 16th, 2019 the access to database Academic Search Ultimate that offers a collection of peer-reviewed, full-text journals, including many journals indexed in leading citation indexes. The combination of academic journals, magazines, periodicals, reports, books and videos meets the needs of scholars in virtually every discipline ranging from astronomy, anthropology, biomedicine, engineering, health, law and literacy to mathematics, pharmacology, women’s studies, zoology and more. Special mention to the journal SCIENCE (from AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science), full text available since 1990.

Access through the UAlg's Network in – and choose the option Academic Search Ultimate (Período Experimental) or in,uid&custid=ns000555&groupid=main&profile=ehost&defaultdb=asn ​​​​​​​

Primal Pictures Anatomy TV
Until November 15th, 2019 is available the access to Primal Pictures Anatomy TV - a pioneering digital 3D anatomy on the market with high accuracy and content. Primal Pictures has a new research platform that integrates literature, images, videos, slides for all aresa of human anatomy. Prime product for the areas of medicine,  nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, biology,  sports medicine, etc.
eBook Psychology Collection Database
Until November 30th is available for demonstration the access to the new EBSCO ebooks , in  the fields of special interest such as Psychology, namely  eBook Psychology Collection.
It contains a collection of over 500 ebooks in several fields of psychology , many edited by  publishers such as Taylor & Francis, Oxford University Press and Springer Publishing Company.
E-learning from the B-on Search Service
The new e-learning modules from the b-on search service are available.
You can access it from the b-on website or through the link
Training for Users
Search Electronic Bibliographic Resources - Advanced Course
November 15th, 2019 (Friday) – 14h to 17h - Gambelas Library Conference Room
Addressed to teachers, investigators, 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle final students
Org.: UAlg's Library
e-Books and Bibliographic Databases - What's available at UAlg?
November 8th (Wednesday) - 14h to 16h - Gambelas Library Conference Room
13th and 20th November, 2019 (Wednesday)– 16h to 18h - Penha Library
Addressed to the academic community in general
Note: Personal computer required with connection to the Eduroam network
Presence certificate provided
Org.: UAlg's Library
B-On: How to explore the Bibliographic Research Portal
November 8th , 2019 (Friday) - 16h to 18h - Gambelas Library Conference Room
13th and 20th November, 2019 (Wednesday)– 18h to 20h - Penha Library
Note: Personal computer required with connection to the Eduroam network
Addressed to the academic community in general
Presence certificate provided
Org.:  UAlg's Library
UAlg's Production Ecosystem: CIENCIAVITAE, SAPIENTIA and ORCID
November 27th, 2019 (Monday) – 14h to 15h – Gambelas Library Conference Room
Note: Personal computer required with connection to the Eduroam network
Addressed to the teachers, investigators / depositors and/or mediators
Org.:  UAlg's Library
Mendeley, reference and PDF manager
November 6th, 2019 (Wednesday) – 10h30 to 12h30 - Gambelas Library Conference Room
November 27th, 2019 (Wednesday) - 10h30 to 12h30 - Penha Library
Note: Personal computer required 
Addressed to the academic community in general
Presence certificate provided
Org.:  UAlg's Library
How to assess the reliability of a scientific publication
November 26th, 2019 (Tuesday) – 14h to 15h– Penha Library
Personal computer required with connection to the Eduroam network
Addressed to teachers, investigators, authors of scientific articles 
Presence certificate provided
Org.:  UAlg's Library
URKUND: the UAlg's Plagerism Detection System
November 26th, 2019 (Tuesday) – 14h30 to 15h30 – Gambelas Library Conference Room
Addressed to the academic community in general
Org.:  UAlg's Library
Permanent Activities
"The Library and its available resources"
Target audience: Academic Community. Classes of undergraduate and postgraduate students (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles), In private classroom and with previous enrolment to 
Org.: UAlg's Library
Guided Tours
Target audience: Groups with previous enrolment to
Org.: UAlg's Library
The UAlg's Library goes to schools: open access to scientifc information, open access explained to students
Integrates Team UAlg
Target audience: High school students. To book please send e-mail to
Org.: UAlg's Library
Discovering the European Union
Integrates Team UAlg
Target audience: High school students. To book please send an e-mail to
Org.: UAlg's Library – European Documentation Center
Other News
New way to remotly access online information resources
Outside the Eduroam network you no longer need to have VPN to access databases available on our website, you just have to do the authentication with the UAlg's username and password. Further information for each database is available on our website in Electronic resources /databases.
Highligths from the European Documentation Center
The UAlg's European Documentation Center informs:​​​​​​​

New European Commission Report on the impact of digitalization on the world of work in the EU.
The Joint Research Center, the Commission's Scientific and Knowledge Platform launched its latest report this week entitled «The changing nature of work and skills in the digital age». The report presents a reasoned analysis of the impact of technology on labor markets and the need to adapt education policies to boost digital skills.

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