The University of Algarve Library team wishes all a Merry Christmas and a 2019 full of success.
Mitose: Ciência a Sul " / Mitosys - Science in the South - 7th Edition
Science dissemination project aimed at secondary shcool students.
Registration open between January 2 and February 15, 2019
Further information, regulation and application in   e (estudar»biblioteca)
​​​​​​​Org.: UAlg / Associação Juvenil de Ciência / NECIFarm / UAlg's Library
Exhibition "Design and Rapid Prototyping"
From 18 to 31 January, 2019
Exhibition of works developed by students of the Post-Graduation in Design and Rapid Prototyping, promoted by the Faculty of Science and Technology, with special incidence in the discipline of Three-dimensional design assisted by computer. Innovative work in the fields of engineering, medicine and design, among others, with special emphasis on industrial environment, health and interior design.
Opening: January 18, 2019 (Friday) at 14h30
Location: Library in Gambelas
​​​​​​​Org.: FCT / Pós-Graduação em Design e Prototipagem Rápida /  UAlg's Library
E-learning from the B-on Search Service
The new e-learning modules from the b-on search service are available.
You can access it from the b-on website or through the link
Training for Users
Search Electronic Bibliographic Resources - Advanced Course
January 23, 2018 (Wednesday) - 14h to 17h- Gambelas Library Conference Room
Addressed to International Students. Personal computer required. Presence certificate provided. Contact
Org: UAlg's Library
Permanent Activities
"The Library and its available resources"
Target audience: Academic Community. Classes of undergraduate and postgraduate students (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles), In private classroom and with previous enrolment to 
Org.: UAlg's Library
Guided Tours
Target audience: Groups with previous enrolment to
Org.: UAlg's Library
The UAlg's Library goes to schools: open access to scientifc information, open access explained to students
Integrates Team UAlg
Target audience: High school students. To book please send e-mail to
Org.: UAlg's Library
Discovering the European Union
Integrates Team UAlg
Target audience: High school students. To book please send an e-mail to
Org.: UAlg's Library – European Documentation Center
Other News
New way to remotly access online information resources
Outside the Eduroam network you no longer need to have VPN to access databases available on our website, you just have to do the authentication with the UAlg's username and password. Further information for each database is available on our website in Electronic resources /databases.
Highligths from the European Documentation Center
Newly-received publications
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