Student Recommendations about distance learning


Student Recommendations about distance learning





Dear students,

Following the previous statement of suspension of classroom activities in the period from March 12th to March 27, here we inform that the formal beginning of distance learning activities is scheduled for March 18th. For this reason, immediately, be aware of all information that will be sent by email and placed in Moodle.

Distance Learning are classes by videoconference or through other electronic alternatives. Distance learning and teaching activities use digital support and include classes by videoconference, worksheets, reports, electronic support materials, among others.

Distance classes are foreseen for all courses units where the necessary conditions exist for this activity.

At this stage and bearing in mind the recommendations of the Directorate – General of Health, (DGS) common sense and a sense of individual responsibility are called for, promoting social distance and not staying in places that are frequented without strict need.

Displaced students, including international students should, whenever possible, return to their usual homes. When returning from regions or countries of origin, they should follow the SNS guidelines through the Health line 24- 808 24 24 24, namely with regard to self-isolation in the case of return from the risk zone. *

Paulo Águas


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