Testimony of Ivana Carolina, exchanges student, under a protocol of cooperation between the University of Algarve and the University of Brasilia, who in 2015 attended a semester of the Communication Sciences Course of the School of Education and Communication.

Multimedia project coordinated by Professor Francisco Gil and directed by Jo Guer, Karine Garrido and Raquel Cardoso, students of the 2nd year of Communication Sciences Course of the School of Education and Communication of the University of Algarve.


Testimonials from the 1st edition students of Erasmus Mundus Master of Chemical Innovation and Regulation (EMMC-ChIR) in the University of Algarve.


Report on Sul Informação about the University of Algarve who continues to attract international students. In the first semester, 400 students from various parts of the world will be in Faro to study and also to have fun. The fame that the Algarve academy acquired abroad is one of the main reasons that brought them to the region.



Report on RTP1 channel about the 400 exchange students who have just arrived to the University of Algarve. By the end of the school year will be more than 600 international students who will go through UAlg. They come from more than 50 countries under the Erasmus program. For now, know the corners of the Algarve region and the city of Faro.


Report on TVI channel about the international students who chose UAlg to undertake a period of their studies 

The Portuguese higher education has been receiving an increasing number of foreign students. At the University of Algarve are hundreds every year. From more than 50 nationalities, choose the institution to enhance studies, do research and knowledge exchange.

  Report on CM TV channel about the "Orientation Week", organized by the International Relations and Mobility Office, which took place from 1 to 5 September 2014, and received only the first semester, students from over 60 nationalities. The program included briefings, visits to campuses and to the city of Faro, and boat trips along the Ria Formosa.
  Report on RTP1 channel about the "Orientation Week 2014-2015", which welcomed about four hundred international students, who chose the institution to undertake a period of study or supplement their education through mobility programs and exchanges, or protocols .
  Report on TVI channel - "International Students at the University of Algarve (UAlg) - International Day".

International students at the University of Algarve now represents 11% of the total student community. In addition to the academic and scientific research these students want to experience the culture and learn to speak Portuguese. This tv piece let us know some of these students and their thoughts.

  Report on SIC channel about the arrival of international students to the University of Algarve, under programs and mobility protocols.

Testimony of Francis Gerard Alipio, Philippines, course of Emergency and Critical Care Nursing (Erasmus Mundus).


Testimony of Sushila Sapkota, Nepal, course of Emergency and Critical Care Nursing (Erasmus Mundus).


Testimony of Tomas Rastak, Czech Republic, course of Business Administration (Erasmus).


Departure report, January 14th: "I had very good stay at the UAlg, all my teachers were friendly and willing to help. I wish I could stay for the next semester but unfortunately I have to go back. I will have great memories and wonderful friendships I have made during my stay. Erasmus program gave me great opportunity to get to know Portuguese culture, language and to see the beauty of the country. I will never forget my semester in Faro. Best Regards"

Testimony of Paulina Sowacka, Poland, Institute of Engineering (Erasmus)

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