UAlg Online Careers Fair

UAlg Online Careers Fair

If you are looking for, an internship, a research project, information about entrepreneurship and volunteer work in Portugal and all over Europe, you should participate in UAlg Online Careers Fair.

It will occur on the 28th  November.

This is the first edition of the digital job fair that allows you to: 

• Attend various company presentations and other career support services in Portugal and Europe;
• Contact employers, labor market experts and mobility support services;
• Apply for concrete job offers / internships;
• Be shortlisted, invited to an interview on the same day.

In order to allow you  to participate online, respond to job offers, arrange interviews, chat with participating employers, organizations and countries - and also to receive updates and tips for better preparation for the event - sign up HERE  (you will need to have your CV and / or LinkedIn profile by hand, ideally in English).

You also can follow the event agenda, on the 28th , in Teresa Gamito auditorium, at Gambelas Campus (building 1), or online.

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