What are the application requirements?

International Student | Requirements

  • Nationality >>;
  • Be qualified to apply for an undergraduate course at a higher education establishment in his/her home country or hold a Portuguese secondary education diploma or an equivalent qualification;
  • Possess the required level of knowledge of the language >> in which the teaching of the course is delivered;
  • Admission examinations >>  required for each course;

Admission forms:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   ​​​​​​​  

BRAZIL | Candidates holding Brazilian high school courses who have taken the National High School Exam (ENEM), or equivalent


CHINA | Candidates who have passed Gaokao / Liankao and have a Senior High School Graduation


COLOMBIA | Bachillerato Holder Candidates


ECUADOR | Bachillerato Holder Candidates


MACAU | Candidates who have passed the Unified Access Exam


Other forms of admission

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