Tourism - Portimão

Language of Teaching
Faculty / School
Escola Superior de Gestão, Hotelaria e Turismo
Area of Studies
Economics, Management and Tourism

The main objectives of Tourism degree are:

  • To provide adequate and essential training to the process of modernization of the sector
  • To respond to demands felt at the international level, providing critical and innovative approaches to facilitate the increasing mobility of the professionals of tourism
  • To contribute to the development of innovation in the tourism business and to the understanding of the need for a sustainable development of tourism activities
  • To provide the concepts and features of tourism within the academic and applied study field
  • To contribute to a greater understanding of tourism within the local communities (perceptions, social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts, policies and planning)
  • To develop theoretical and practical skills during the 1st cycle of studies which will allow access to specializations at the level of the following cycles (2nd and 3rd cycles)
  • To learn about European Union policies for tourism development
The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities

The career opportunities of Tourism degree are:

  • Tourism Senior technician
  • Tourism technician in travel agencies, tour operators and transport
  • Marketing and operations director
  • Director of destination promotion
  • Responsible for tourism planning
  • Manager of tourist destination
  • Junior consultancy in tourism