Curso Livre de Introduction To Computer Programming In Julia

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Language of Teaching
Faculty / School
Faculdade de Medicina e Ciências Biomédicas
Area of Studies
Engineering and Technologies


Number of slots for 2022/2023: 16

Total number of hours: 40


Conditions of access

  • Strong motivation to learn computer programming and good English skills to be able to benefit from Julia's course material and documentation
  • Acess to a modern laptop and browser

Criteria for selection of the candidates

  • Candidates are ranked in order of application submission

Necessary documentation


Online Application

Calendar 2022/2023

Applications: 01/07/2022 a 21/07/2022

Seriation: 21/07/2022 a 24/07/2022

Announcement of results: 25/07/2022

Complaints: 26/07/2022

Registration: until 29/07/2022

Start of classes: 01/09/2022