The Postgraduate degree aims at fulfilling the existing educational gap in the region focused on sustainable practices addressing the complex processes of contemporary urbanization.


  • With this degree, the participants will acquire various skills to operate at the territorial scale with the provision of base qualifications for the development of their professional practice, including the technical, research, and cultural, domains. These skills will also prepare the participants for the interdisciplinary processes of preparation, approval, or management of municipal land-use plans
  • Recognize the diversity of solutions that shape the contemporary territory in terms of spatial morphology, its diachronic process or change of organization patterns of the landscape, considering the different instruments for its reading and interpretation
  • Recognize the role of urban planning in the process of transformation of the city, combining the various theoretical approaches with the design of proposals in specific contexts
  • Understand the role and implications of the natural systems, including the climatic pressures in the region, toward an ecological transition
  • Consider the essential participation of different disciplines in the proposal of a sustainable planning model
  • Understand the relevance of the cultural/historical landscapes and ecological systems as fundamental instruments for territorial planning
  • Develop participatory methods with the local communities toward inclusive and integrated planning processes

Operating Mode

Planned schedule: 5pm to 8pm, twice a week

A blended-learning approach is proposed (basically online teaching and only occasionally in-person teaching in the classroom), seeking to reach the largest number of students. The course will be taught in Portuguese. Occasional guests and lectures will be presenting in English.


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Tuition and Fees 2022/2023

National Students: 

International Students*: 

Application Fee: 

Registration Fee and School Insurance: 

Note: The  tuition of this course can be paid in 10 installments, being the first at the time of registration and the remaining in the months of October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May and June.

* in accordance with Decree-Law No. 36/2014, changed by Decree-Law No.62/2018, of 6th August, international students are nationals of a country which is not a Member State of the European Union and are not a legally resident in Portugal for more than 2 uninterrupted years by 1st of January of the enrolment year

The applications are made using the online form, available in the "Admissions" tab.