Design and Prototyping

Seminar and Webinar | 17th February


The UNiversity of Algarve is organizing the Seminar and Webinar about Design and Prototyping which will be held on 17th February, 2017 in Gambelas Campus.

In this Seminar and Webinar, that is integrated in a project supported by the American institution ASHRAE (American Association for Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditionning Engineering), through ASHRAE Students, where is developed a clean technology applied in the air treatment and energy production, knowledge is presented and shared in the new techniques of development of rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing, from development to product design.

In the Seminar (presential) and in the Webinar (by videoconference), will be analysed topics related to eco-design, material life cycle and prototyping (prototype manufacture through 3D printing) in the treatment of gaseous effluents, heat recovery, ventilation, wind, acoustics, health sciences, architecture, among other areas. The meeting ends with the valuation of knowledge and the creation of companies in this one and other areas of knowledge.

The presential Seminar registration is free, required and limited. The registration in the Webinar, through videoconference, it is also free, but required and limited. In participation by videoconference, which can be done through computer or mobile devices, the address to access the Webinar will be sent later.

This Seminar is aimed at Students, Engineers, Architects, Health Professionals, Managers, Economists, Teachers and Other Professionals with an interest in the field.

These and other new areas of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Algarve, integrated in the new technologies related to a cleaner and healthier environment, will be approached by specialists in the area. These new areas are being developed both in the project of the American institution ASHRAE Students and in other projects related to the company ROLEAR related to the development of new ecological systems based on radiant surfaces and confluent jets.

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