ICArEHB Dialogues "Origins of of stone tool use”


"Origins of of stone tool use" is the theme of the Webinar that will take place on June 18, at 4pm, through the Zoom platform, with David Braun (George Washington University) and João Marreiros (ICArEHB) as speakers, with moderation by João Cascalheira (ICArEHB). 

Organized by the Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behavior (ICArEHB), the Webinar is part of the "ICArEHB Dialogues" cycle, and will be held in English.

David Braun is a paleoanthropologist interested in the evolution of human behavior. He directs field research in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and is engaged in archaeological projects in Mozambique, Guinea and Thailand. 

João Marreiros is an archaeologist interested in the evolution of past hominins tool use. His research focuses on the evolution of past human technologies, with special interest on the study of stone tool production and use. 

ICArEHB researchers are dedicated to uncovering human histories from the beginning of our species to the emergence of complex societies. "ICArEHB Dialogues" is designed to represent the breadth of research that the Center encompasses and to engage researchers and the public from around the world with the research of leading experts in their fields whose work fits with ICArEHB's research goals and themes.

Eight researchers have been invited, whose areas range from early human evolution, to the more recent development of complex societies. Each session will feature one guest and one ICArEHB member, with the aim of stimulating dialogue between researchers and providing an opportunity for the scientific community and the public to join the conversation on such relevant topics of human origins.

More information and registration at http://www.icarehb.com/dialogues/