UAlg launches new digital platform for international researchers and students

Study in Algarve



Oriented towards attracting researchers and international students, the University of Algarve has just launched a new digital platform with the objective of promoting and reinforcing the reputation and competitiveness of the Institution and the region, making known its greater potential and a set of reasons for choosing the Algarve not only as a tourist destination, but also as an academic destination, increasingly referenced.

The creation of the “Study in Algarve” website appears, among other reasons, as a response to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. At a time when the world is experiencing moments of uncertainty and insecurity, the University of Algarve intends to reinforce the feeling of confidence and hope in building new plans for the future.

Starting from the question “Why the Algarve?”, This digital platform aims to affirm what remains one of the institution's priority axes: attracting international students. Making known the potential of the region, with a special focus on its natural conditions and the training offer at the level of Higher Education, this project also aims to show the periphery as a center of opportunities, while highlighting UAlg as a meeting point for multiculturalism. Based on the excellence of research and innovation and on the quality of education and training in the south of Portugal, the “Study in Algarve” portal aims to be an information and welcoming space, based on the signature used for the international communication campaign. : “Algarve is our campus - Study & Research in Algarve”.

This initiative is supported by the KCITAR Algarve project, financed through the European Social Fund, Priority Axis 8 - Modernizing and Empowering the Administration, of the Algarve Regional Operational Program.

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