Pessoal Docente e Não Docente / Academic and non-academic Staff

The Erasmus + Program promotes mobility for teaching and non-teaching staff.

In terms of teacher mobility, it is possible that it takes place in European higher education institutions with the aim of teaching, contributing to the internationalization of higher education institutions. Teachers can also apply for mobility at a partner institution in order to obtain training, exchange of good practices (it is called training ).

In terms of the mobility of non-teaching staff, there is the possibility of making a mobility in a partner institution with the aim of obtaining training, exchange of good practices ( training ), similar to what happens with teaching staff.

You can find information on staff week opportunities at:

Application phases

All interested parties should check with GRIM the application period.

Application process

In order to carry out a staff mobility period (teaching or non-teaching) it is necessary that the parties involved in the mobility process (the interested party, the UAlg / OU / service and the host institution), agree to the mobility, and that the work plan is adjusted to the needs inherent to the performance of his duties at UAlg.

For more information about applications, interested parties should consult UALGNET

For the next academic year 2021/2022, applications will be open in February and March.

Necessary documentation

  • Mobility for teaching purposes: there must be a staff mobility for teaching, duly completed and signed by the host institution
  • Mobility for training purposes, good practices: there must be a staff mobility for training, duly completed and signed by the host institution
  • Letter of support for mobility issued by the OU / service
  • Letter of invitation / acceptance by the host institution
  • Identification documents
  • Portuguese tax number
  • Bank receipt

Duration and Financing

This type of mobility has a minimum duration of two days and a maximum duration of two months. The selected applications will receive funding through a scholarship consisting of a travel fee (according to the destination country / city) and a per diem. Per diem funding will not exceed 5 days of mobility, even if the actual duration is longer.


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