Rector of the University of Namibe visited UAlg

The rector of the University of Namibe (Angola), Carmen Van Dunem dos Santos, visited the University of Algarve, between 16 and 18 July, as part of the implementation of the agreements signed, in 2018, in Moçâmedes, Namibe.

UAlg collaborative proposals were under development for a PhD course in Marine and Environmental Sciences (Agostinho Neto University and University of Namibe), a master's degree in Marine Biodiversity, Fisheries and Conservation, and a post-graduation course for capacity building in genetic analysis.

In addition, UAlg, via the Marine Sciences Centre, also obtained funding for two more projects under the Aga Khan Network for Development (AKDN) and the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), to develop projects in Angola, in the area of advanced training "Mar África ", and in the area of applied research and quality of fisheries resources, such as bivalves, in Namibe.

Carmen dos Santos met with the rector of UAlg, Paulo Águas, with the vice-rector, Alexandra Teodósio, and with teachers and researchers from CCMAR.


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