Special Educational Needs

The University of Algarve asserts itself as an attentive and inclusive institution, which seeks to respond to certain specific conditions that may require a set of particular educational resources.


“Everyone has the right to education with a guarantee of the right to equal opportunities for access and academic success”, Article 74 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic of 2 April 1976.

According to the principles of an Inclusive School, the University of Algarve has implemented a set of specific conditions based on the recognition of the right to difference, without giving up the normal parameters of demand and quality of the teaching and learning process.

O Gabinete

The Office for Student Support with SEN (GAENEE) is composed of a coordinating professor of the office, a professor from each of the organic units and a representative of the Social Action Services of the University of Algarve.

GAENEE functions

  • Welcoming the student with SEN;
  • Analyze students' requirements, assess their specific needs and prepare a Technical-Pedagogical opinion for the assignment of student status with SEN;
  • Intervene with teachers and management bodies of the organic units to mitigate disadvantages and respond to their needs;
  • Monitoring of students with SEN;
  • Identify technical aids / support products;
  • Promote awareness / training actions within the educational community;
  • Seek to eliminate architectural barriers; 
  • Ensure the application and compliance with the Student Statute with SEN at UAlg.

It is intended:

  • That all students have an equal and quality education;
  • That all students have access to an education that respects their needs and characteristics;
  • Facilitate students' transition to active life, so that they are included in society, to which they rightfully belong, with the greatest autonomy and independence.

What are special educational needs (SEN)?

Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are considered to be those who, because they have certain specific conditions, may need a set of particular educational resources, during all or part of their school career, in order to facilitate their academic, personal and academic development. emotional partner. It should be noted that these conditions can be permanent or temporary.

In this sense, it is necessary to recognize these students equal rights so that they can participate in all spheres of academic life successfully.

In order to promote their inclusion, it is important to adopt appropriate and anti-discriminatory measures and solutions, having been enshrined a set of measures to be applied to students with SEN to guarantee their access and the continuation of studies at the University of Algarve (see Support Regulation) to Students with Special Educational Needs ).

The application of these measures should be considered in accordance with the principle that the education of people with SEN should take place in the least restrictive environment possible, without however giving up the parameters of demand and quality of the teaching and learning process.



Initial Issues

To all students with SEN who attend the University of Algarve, regardless of the study cycle in which they enroll.

At the University of Algarve students with SEN are considered:

  • Students who have physical or sensory disabilities (Hearing Impairment; Visual Impairment; Motor Impairment, others), who place them in disadvantaged circumstances with regard to academic performance;
  • Students with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity or other difficulties associated with understanding the written material;
  • Students with permanent diseases (Asthma, Epilepsy, others ...) or long term, associated with periodic and frequent treatments or aggressive treatments (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or similar), that put them, in terms of academic performance in an unfavorable situation;
  • Students who present with chronic mental illness (Autism, Asperger's, Depression, Bipolarity, or others), which strongly compromises adaptation and is limiting with regard to the academic learning process.


  • Hearing deficiency
  • Motor Disability
  • Visual impairment
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Psychological and Psychiatric Disorders
  • Specific learning disorders


Application for Student Status with SEN

The status of Student with SEN must be requested at the time of registration, or at another time, if the particular needs are only identified later or result from events subsequent to the beginning of the school year.

The request for the attribution of status must be made by the student to the Rector of UAlg, by filling out the application available here or available in Academic Services, accompanied by updated proof (s) report, issued by specialists, and must also the student specifies what support he / she needs in terms of class attendance and assessment.

Order Analysis

GAENEE verifies and analyzes the conformity of the elements sent in accordance with the stipulations in the Regulations, then conducting a welcoming interview to the student. The main objective of the interview is to carefully analyze the special educational needs of the student in order to prepare a Technical Pedagogical Report. In this report, the relevant information is presented, namely, its condition and needs, and whether or not the need for attributing Student Status with SEN is confirmed. If this need is confirmed, measures considered appropriate to the specific needs of the student are proposed. 


Appraisal of the Report by the Rectory

The Pedagogical Technical Report is submitted for appreciation to the Rector, who approves or not the attribution of the Statute and approves the proposal of the support measures recommended by GAENEE.


Communication of Decision

The decision, ratified by the Rector, is communicated to the student, the member of the GAENEE responsible for the Organic Unit / Department and the Director of the Organic Unit / Department. It is also communicated to the student, if the problem and his SEN are permanent, that he may not need to apply again for the attribution of the Statute, although he must prove his condition annually. Otherwise, you must make a new application annually and prove your condition.

After meeting with the student, the GAENEE teacher must communicate to the Course Director and teachers who teach in the course, the attribution of the Student Status with SEN and inform about which support measures are approved. 


Student Monitoring

The GAENEE professor assigned to the Organic Unit / Department meets regularly with the student in order to provide individualized support, monitor his academic path and evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed measures. These measures can be revised at any time, if they are considered unsuitable for the student's academic success. The monitoring of students is debated and analyzed in the regular meetings that the members of GAENEE hold, with the objective of identifying difficulties and seeking answers to improve the monitoring strategies and procedures.


Faculty of Human and Social Sciences
Coordinator: ​Prof. Ana Alexandra Mendonça Seabra de Carvalho
E-mail: aacarva@ualg.pt
Gabinete 1.39 B
Extension: 300855

Higher School of Education and Communication
Prof. Teresa Cristina Moura Vitorino
E-mail:  tvitorin@ualg.pt
Extension: 6216

Higher School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism
Prof. Ana Isabel Rita Martins
E-mail: aimartin@ualg.pt
Gabinete 215
Extension: 6313

Higher School of Health Sciences
Prof. Maria do Céu Henriques Mendes Pereira Neves
E-mail: mcpneves@ualg.pt

Higher Institute of Engineering
Prof.ª Maria da Conceição Ribeiro
E-mail: cribeiro@ualg.pt
Office 1.58
Extension: 6168/6246

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences
Prof.ª Ana Alexandra Seabra de Carvalho
E-mail: aacarva@ualg.pt
Gabinete 1.21
Extension: 7115

Faculty of Sciences and Technology
Prof. Maria Dulce Antunes
E-mail: mantunes@ualg.pt
Gabinete 3.3
Extension: 7607

Faculty of Economics
Prof.ª Emília Madeira
E-mail: emadeira@ualg.pt
Extension: 7126

Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Prof. Maria Luísa Pereira Mateus
E-mail: mlmateus@ualg.pt

Social Action Services
Dr.ª Maria da Graça Rafael
E-mail: mgrafael@ualg.pt
Extension: 6094


Regulamento de Apoio ao Estudante com Necessidades Educativas Especiais
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Gaenee - Deficiência Motora
Gaenee - Deficiência Visual
Gaenee - Paralisia Cerebral
Gaenee - Perturbacões do Espectro do Autismo
Gaenee - Perturbações do foro psicológico e psiquiátrico
Gaenee - Perturbações Específicas da Aprendizagem

Student Support Office with SEN (GAENEE)
E-mail: gaenee@ualg.pt