Strengthening the supply of accommodation through partnerships with local operators

The University of Algarve, through its Social Services, established a partnership with several Local Accommodation (LA) operators, in order to continue to respond to the increase in the number of beds for displaced students.

Currently, 7 operators are available, which will allow an increase in the number of beds, provided at regulated prices, which cannot exceed 241.35 euros per student. This platform is currently being updated and is still open to other LA operators interested in joining the initiative.

It should be noted that the Social Services of the University of Algarve has 9 University Residences, with 533 beds, intended for undergraduate and master's degree students. The scholarship holders covered by the Scholarship Attribution System have priority, the others can benefit from this support if the number of beds available allows it.

UAlg considers that this measure is an important support for students and their families, allowing more adequate solutions to be found, both in the monitoring and in the transparency of the offers made available.

The number and type of beds available, as well as the participating operators, will be updated in a permanent monitoring process.