Water Science and Technology Centre

Type of Structure
Centros de Estudos e Desenvolvimento
José Paulo Monteiro

The Water Science and Technology Centre (CTA) is a study and development centre that aims to promote scientific research in the areas of water sciences and technologies and the management of water resources.


The CTA enjoys scientific autonomy and develops its lines of research in the following areas:

a) Characterisation and modelling of natural hydrological systems;
b) Monitoring and upgrading of water resources;
c) Water technologies.


The CTA's mission is to contribute to the progress of research, to the quality of postgraduate education and to the provision of specialised services to the community in its specialist field.

In pursuing its goals, the CTA promotes the establishment of interdisciplinary activities, connecting basic and applied research to technological development, geared towards sustainability and integrated management of water and the environment together with economic development. 

The CTA gears its activities towards development, promoting the students’ learning capacity, in conjunction with research and development activities at the University of Algarve (UALG).