Faro Language Cafe

Faro Language Cafe

Faro Language Cafe is a place to share your knowledge and ideas, to meet new people and just to have fun!

 Faro Language Café is:
- a place to learn foreign language with native speaker;
- a friendly space to implement different ideas (for example workshop of hand-crafts, or discussion about Global Issues..)
- a place to meet people from all World and have fun together!

Is an informal way to learn things, and we are focus not just on languages. We are open even for all kind of workshops, discussions, art etc. Mainly this is event is focus on international people, but the locals are very welcome as well.

And, of course, about the languages. How it works? There are have tables for different languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Lithuanian, Italian, English and some others, if needed. Each table has a facilitator, who is a native speaker in that language and is ready to help and answer to all the questions that people may have.

Every single wednesday, from 7p.m. we are at ARCM (Associação de Músicos).

Wednesday, 17th there will be another Brain Battle. Check more at facebook.







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