Os alunos do programa doutoral em Ciências Biomédicas têm realizado parte dos seus projetos de investigação em diversos centros de excelências nacionais e internacionais.

"It was a pleasure to host Brigite in my lab. She had a great work ethic – working hard, prepared to work out-of-hours to promote her work and always co-operative and supportive of her colleagues. She has great technical abilities and was always willing to learn new skills, doing so promptly and accurately" - Robert Kelsh, Co-orientador tese doutoramento Brigite Simões.

"Iris has been a wonderfull PhD student in my lab. She is enthusiastic, fast learner and arrived in the lab with excellent research skills and a high level of autonomy. She has a strong leadership. She worked well within the team and benefit very well from retroaction" - Laëtitia Michou, Co-orientador tese doutoramento Iris Silva

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