Palestra "Cited2 function – State of the heart"

Campus de Gambelas - Anfiteatro A do Complexo Pedagógico
Sexta, 11 Outubro, 2019 - 13:00 até 14:00

"Cited2 function – State of the heart" é o título da palestra que irá realizar-se no dia 11 de outubro, pelas 13h00, no anfiteatro A do Complexo Pedagógico, do Campus de Gambelas.

José Bragança, investigador do Centro de Investigação Biomédica (CBMR) da UAlg, é o orador convidado.

A entrada é livre e realiza-se no âmbito do Ciclo CBMinaRs.

Sobre a palestra

"The transcriptional modulator CITED2 is required for normal embryogenesis of mice and humans, particularly for heart development. Indeed, mouse lacking Cited2 alleles die in utero displaying many cardiovascular defects, and mutations in CITED2 human gene have been associated with congenital heart disease (CHD). Using mouse Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC), we have established that Cited2 is important for early specification of undifferentiated cells into cardiac cell lineages. Interestingly, these cardiogenic defects caused by the loss of Cited2 function in ESC were corrected by secreted factors enriched in the secretome of ESC overexpressing CITED2, such as Wnt5a and Wnt11. Using zebrafish, we demonstrated that these secreted factors also rescued developmental defects, including cardiac defects, caused by Cited2 depletion in vivo. Our results may offer opportunities to develop novel therapeutic strategies aiming to prevent CHD."

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