Palestra "Gone rogue: IL7 and IL-7R in leukemia"

Palestra "Gone rogue: IL7 and IL-7R in leukemia"

Campus de Gambelas - Auditório 1.8.1 do Complexo Pedagógico
Terça, 3 Julho, 2018 - 12:30 até 13:30

No dia 03 de julho, pelas 12h30, irá realizar-se a mais uma palestra do Ciclo Distinguished Seminars, que terá lugar no auditório 1.8.1 do Complexo Pedagógico, do Campus de Gambelas.

João Barata, investigador do IMM / Universidade de Lisboa, irá proferir a palestra "Gone rogue: IL7 and IL-7R in leukemia".

A entrada é livre.

Sobre a palestra

"Interleukin-7 (IL-7) and its receptor (IL-7R) are essential for the normal development and homeostasis of lymphoid cells. In addition, IL-7 activates a number of anti-tumoral immune cell-dependent mechanisms. However, IL-7 and IL-7R can also go rogue and become detrimental to the organism by stimulating the proliferation and survival of malignant lymphoid cells and contributing to the development of leukemia. I will talk about some of the mechanisms by which IL-7/IL-7R signaling promotes leukemia growth in vitro and in vivo."