Palestra "Polyglutamine diseases: learning from molecular pathogenesis to develop therapies"

Campus de Gambelas - Auditório 1.8.1 do Complexo Pedagógico
Quarta, 20 Junho, 2018 - 12:30 até 13:30

No dia 20 de junho, pelas 12h30, irá realizar-se a mais uma palestra do Ciclo Distinguished Seminars, que terá lugar no auditório 1.8.1 do Complexo Pedagógico, do Campus de Gambelas.

Clévio Nóbrega, investigador do Centro de Investigação Biomédica (CBMR), irá proferir a palestra "Polyglutamine diseases:  learning from molecular pathogenesis to develop therapies".

A entrada é livre.

Sobre a palestra

"Polyglutamine (PolyQ) diseases are a group of nine rare and incurable neurodegenerative disorders caused by an abnormal expansion of the trinucleotide CAG in the causative gene, which encodes a PolyQ tract in their respective proteins. The abnormal proteins tend to aggregate, forming insoluble protein aggregates, which is a key feature of PolyQ diseases. These aggregates are in the basis of a cascade of events leading to neuronal degeneration and death, involving the impairment and dysregulation of several cell systems, including autophagy, proteostasis, transcription, mitochondrial function, and signalling. The accumulated knowledge on these mechanisms allowed a significant research effort into putative therapeutic approaches based in strategies that counteract disease at different stages of molecular pathogenesis. Our main goal is to develop advanced therapies systems based in gene therapy to PolyQ diseases while contributing to the understanding of the molecular events leading to neurodegeneration."

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