Projetos de I&D

A investigação desenvolvida na UAlg vai muito além dos muros da academia, estendendo-se às mais variadas esferas da sociedade. Fica a saber onde está a UAlg no país e no mundo e conhece os projetos em curso.




GREENLAND: GREEN-skiLls for a sustAiNable Development

Increase employability of NEETs (up to 30 y.o.) and women (all ages) by providing these target groups with marketable skills and qualifications to prepare them for skill-based occupations, piloted within Green and Circular Economy (GaCE) sectors, and reduce skill mismatches.
To promote connections between TVETs, Public institutions (i.e. Labour agencies and RLAs), Social inclusion actors and SMEs operating in the GaCE sectors with the final aim of increasing the number of networks and actions supporting women and youth employment and fostering Policy innovations.
To provide innovative approaches to activities such as skills assessment, data profiling, training, coaching, tutorial-based career guidance with e-tools and colloquia on site that will improve access to job-placement and TVET programs targeting NEETs and Women interested in the GaCE sectors

Referência do projeto
Cooperação Territorial
Data de início/fim
Investigador principal
Amílcar Duarte
Programa financiador
União Europeia (FEDER)
Tipo de Financiamento
Fundos da União Europeia
Custo total elegível
Custo total elegível UAlg
Apoio financeiro da União Europeia
Financiamento EU UAlg
Entidades beneficiárias

Regione Calabria (Coordenador)
Planning and Development Agency (PDA)
National Agricultural Research Center (NARC)
Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT)
Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology (HHCOT)
E.M. Associazione ARCES (ARCES Association)
Universidade do Algarve
European Regional Framework for Co-operation (E.R.F.C)
Interbalkan Environment Center (I-BEC).