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Gareth Anthony Pearson received a B.Sc. (Honors) in 1986 in Marine Biology from the University of Liverpool, and a PhD in 1990 from the University of Leeds. He is a Principal Investigator in the Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR), University of Algarve. Published >100 articles in indexed and peer-reviewed journals (H-index = 47, over 7000 citations). Supervised or co-supervised 10 PhD theses, and 12 MSc dissertations. Research questions cover a range of patterns and processes mediating function and evolution of marine biodiversity at the genetic level, from ecological to deep evolutionary scales. Topics include causes and consequences of variation in genetic biodiversity, population connectivity, environmental genomics, and adaptive evolution, in the context of climate and environmental change. These are studied across a diversity of marine systems that play important ecological roles in our planet, from intertidal organisms to polar plankton, deep corals, kelp forests and seagrass meadows.


2019 - Presente. Orientação. Using phylogenomics to solve an identity crisis – the case of genus Ecklonia. Where did it come from, where is it going and where does it belong?. Orientador.
2019 - Presente. Orientação. Contrasting evolutionary histories from the warm Atlantic to the cold Pacific - overlooked seagrass diversity. Coorientador.
2019 - Presente. Orientação. Climate change consequences for life stages and genetic groups of two marine kelp forest species with distinct thermal affinities: Laminaria ochroleuca and Laminaria hyperborea.. Orientador.
2017 - Presente. Orientação. Evolution and local adaptation of a cosmopolitan marine species, the giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera.. Coorientador.
2017 - 2022. Curso / Disciplina lecionado. Marine Genomics. The course deals with genome-enabled insights into the broader framework of environmental marine science. Topics within the course include evolutionary as well as functional aspects of genes, genomes and metagenomes of marine organisms from the individual to the ecosystem-level. The course aims to provide students an introduction to the field of molecular ecology, specifically directed towards the marine environment and its organisms.. International Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea) (Master). Universidade do Algarve.
2021 - 2021. Orientação. Laminaria ochroleuca: Intraspecific variation in adaptive traits to thermal and irradiative stress .INTERNATIONAL MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MARINE BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES (IMBRSea) (Mestrado). Coorientador.
2021 - 2021. Orientação. Examining patterns of marine finfish biodiversity using environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding
in Arrábida Marine Park, Portugal.INTERNATIONAL MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MARINE BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES (IMBRSea) (Mestrado). Coorientador.
2021 - 2021. Orientação. A phylogenomic and phylogeographic assessment of the kelp genus Lessonia Bory (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae)
*(Carlo Heip prize for the IMBRSea best student).INTERNATIONAL MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MARINE BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES (IMBRSea) (Mestrado). Orientador.
2021 - 2021. Orientação. Effects of thermal history on intra- and transgenerational plasticity in Laminaria pallida.Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea) (Mestrado). Coorientador.
2020 - 2020. Orientação. Thermotolerance assessment of several North and South Atlantic Laminaria species and assessment of gametogenesis in the hybridization between L. digitata and L. abyssalis..Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea) (Mestrado). Coorientador.
2016 - 2018/01/16. Orientação. Response to simulated El Niño stress by Macrocystis pyrifera. Orientador.
2018 - 2018. Orientação. Comparative transcriptomic analysis of thermal stress responses in key Atlantic and Arctic zooplankton grazers..EMBC+ (European MSc) (Master) (Mestrado). Orientador.
2014 - 2017/05/05. Orientação. Molecular mechanisms of desiccation tolerance in Fucus. Orientador.
2013 - 2016/07/07. Orientação. Role of Spawining Synchrony on Hybridization Barriers in Sympatric Intertidal Fucoid Algae - When and Why. Coorientador.
2015 - 2016. Orientação. Hybridization signals in Fucus diversification.Mestrado em Biodiversidade, Genética e Evolução, Faculdade de Ciências (Mestrado). Orientador.
2009/02/18 - 2015/05/08. Orientação. Ecology of west Iberian kelps: Laminaria ochroleuca and Saccorhiza polyschides living near their distributional limits. Coorientador.
2014 - 2014. Orientação. Evolutionary rates and functional genomics of sex-biased genes in fucoid algae.Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Water and Coastal Management. WACOMA (2014) (Mestrado). Orientador.
2004 - 2007. Orientação. The Molecular Basis For Differential Stress-Tolerance In Congeneric, Co-existing And Ecologically Similar Algal Species. Orientador.


2023/09/01 - 2027/08/31. iCulture: A DIGITAL BIO-PLATFORM AND MICROBIAL BIOPROCESS TO PROSPECT AND UTILIZE MACROALGAE RESPONSIBLY AND SUSTAINABLY, HORIZON-CL6-2022-CIRCBIO-02 (101082010-1). Co-Investigador Responsável (Co-IR). Centro de Ciências do Mar.
2023/09 - 2027/08. iCulture: A digital bio-platform and co-culture bioprocess to prospect and utilize macroalgae responsibly and sustainably..
2022 - 2025. RESTORESEAS: Marine Forests of animals, plants and algae: nature-based tools to protect and restore biodiversity, Biodiversa3. Bolseiro de Investigação. Centro de Ciências do Mar.
2017/01 - 2020/11. MARFOR: Functional variability and dynamics of responses of marine forests to global change, Biodiversa3. Bolseiro de Investigação. Centro de Ciências do Mar.
2016/06 - 2020/05. Thermal adaptation of marine forests (GENEKELP).
2013/07 - 2016/06. Extant or extinct tipping points - climate changes drive genetic diversity and dynamics of range edge populations as evolutionary hotspots.
2013/06 - 2015/05. Using genome scans of DNA polymorphism to infer adaptive population divergence at different spatial scales in the seagrasses Zostera noltii and Z. marina across Europe, two marine foundation species.
2014/03 - 2015/02. Sex-biased evolution in multicellular brown algae (EVOSEXUAL).
2011/04 - 2014/07. Adaptive potential at range edges: testing relationships between fitness-related traits and population structure near ecophysiological limits.
2010/02 - 2013/08. Polyandry levels in Fucus vesiculosus.
2010/01 - 2013/06. Making edges meet: genetic signatures of climate-driven range shifts.
2010/01 - 2013/06. Drivers of coexistence of sympatric species with incomplete reproductive isolation: testing roles of hybridization barriers in marine broadcast spawners..
2010/01 - 2013/04. Adaptation in action: comparing invasive and native populations to understand processes influencing species boundaries..
2008/09 - 2012/05. The success of invasive species: exploring the joint role of biotic interactions and of founder effect in Caulerpa species..
2009/02 - 2012/01. Arctic Tipping Points.
2008/11 - 2011/10. Environmental Genomics of Southern Ocean Phytoplankton Communities.
2007/01 - 2009/09. Neutral and Non-Neutral Genes: Population Diversity and Stability.
2007/01 - 2009/08. Adaptive Population Divergence, and Comparative Population Structure in the Brown Algal Genus Fucus.
2007/01 - 2009/06. Ecology and evolution of mating systems in fucoid algae.
2005/09 - 2008/11. Population dynamics, geographical distribution and genetic diversity of macroalgal species at their southern distribution limits..
2006/02 - 2008/10. Neutral and Non-Neutral Genes: Population Diversity and Stability.
2006/01 - 2008/08. Ecology and evolution of mating systems in fucoid algae.
2006/02 - 2008/02. Adaptive Population Divergence, and Comparative Population Structure in the Brown Algal Genus Fucus.
2004/04 - 2007/03. The molecular basis for differential stress-tolerance in sympatric, ecologically similar algal species.
2002/09 - 2005/08. Chloroplast Gene Expression in Intertidal Brown Macroalgae.


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