The University of Algarve awards the academic title of aggregate in the fields of knowledge or specialties in which it grants doctoral degrees


  • Having earned a doctoral degree
  • Being a full professor, associate or assistant with a University Teaching Career - CDU, or researcher - coordinator, whether main or assistant, with a Portuguese scientific research career - CICP, or even having gained professional experience with high merit that demonstrates relevant research activities, advanced research, training or guidance and the authorship of scientific works of recognised quality

Necessary Documentation

Interested parties must submit an application (see Documents box) to the Academic Services, accompanied by 10 digital copies, on CD (PDF) and 1 copy on paper containing the following documents:      

  • CV                                                          
  • Report                                                          
  • Overview                                                            
  • Papers

Charges and Fees

Consult the table of fees and charges in force (see Documents box).


Minuta de Requerimento para agregação