Specialist Title

The University of Algarve awards the title of specialist, through public tests, in the areas in which it provides training in Polytechnic Education


  • Retain initial initial training and at least 10 years of professional experience in the field for which the tests are required
  • To have a professional curriculum of proven quality and relevance for the profession of the area in question

Necessary Documentation

Interested parties must submit an application addressed to the Rector, accompanied by:

  • 1 copy of the curriculum, indicating the professional path, the works and works carried out and, when applicable, the scientific, technological and pedagogical activities, properly contextualized in space and time
  • 1 copy of work of a professional nature in the area of evidence for presentation, critical appraisal and discussion
  • 1 copy of the works mentioned in the curriculum that you consider relevant
  • 1 copy of the documents mentioned above in digital format (CD)
  • If applicable, 1 copy of the document proving the title of specialist awarded by a Professional Public Association
  • Copy of qualification certificates

If the application is granted, the candidate will be asked for more copies of some of the documents mentioned above and the appropriate public tests will be scheduled.

Charges and Fees

Consult the table of fees and charges in force (see Documents box).