UAlg Team / Lectures

Lectures and activities for students and teachers from primary and secondary schools

What is it?

The UAlg Team is an initiative of the University of Algarve, which was created in the academic year 2003/2004 with the aim of:

  • Strengthen relations between higher education and basic and secondary education
  • Provide students and teachers of basic and secondary schools with in-depth knowledge in diverse scientific areas
  • Raise awareness about the importance of entering higher education

How does it work?

It proposes a set of lectures and other actions, that are free, accessible and informal, carried out by UAlg professors, which can be integrated into the programmes of the disciplines and activities of the schools. The themes are defined according to the age groups and the level of training of the recipients.

How can I see what’s on offer?

The lectures are available in catalogue and are organised by subject matter. Due to their multidisciplinary nature, some of them may fall into more than one area.

Where do the lectures/activities take place?

The lectures take place preferably in Schools or at the University. However, there is still the possibility to hold lectures online.

The UAlg Team is divided into three categories:

  • "Decide for yourself: choose UAlg", which consists of information sessions about UAlg's educational offer
  • "The University goes to School", which consists of offering activities and lectures in which UAlg lecturers visit schools in the Algarve region
  • "The School comes to UAlg", which offers a range of activities at the University's facilities. In addition to the offer presented, we are available to organise a specific visit or activity according to the needs of each group

How to request a lecture?

It is the Communication Office of the University of Algarve that centralises contacts with the teachers of the UAlg Team and organises visits to schools.

Interested parties should fill in the online form, indicating the chosen topic and suggesting the most convenient dates.


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