Sports Scholarships

To reward students from the University of Algarve who achieve merit sports results in competitions


Students who are part of the teams of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve (AAUAlg) or who participate in individual tests can achieve the status of Student Athlete and if they have a result of excellence, the UAlg Sports Merit Scholarship.


National and international university competitions are covered by this regulation, and merit is assessed when the student (s) obtain the results below:

  • University Champion title
  • Second or third place in the National University Championship
  • Qualification to more demanding competitive levels, within the scope of the European University Championships, EUSA - European Universities Games, Universiads and World University Championships, representing UAlg or Portugal
  • First, second or third place in the competitions mentioned in the previous paragraph, representing UAlg or Portugal


The sports merit award calls for the granting of financial support, in the form of a scholarship, assigned to the payment of a percentage of the annual fee for the Student-Athlete of the UAlg, granted at most during two consecutive academic semesters, subsequent to the date of obtaining results.


Regulamento do Estatuto de Estudante Atleta da UAlg
Regulamento para atribuição de Bolsa de Mérito Desportivo da UAlg


The awarding of the scholarship does not require an application.

Scholarship Awarding

The scholarship will be given at the beginning of each school year in a public ceremony.