The internationalization of the University of Algarve is clearly visible in the streets of the city of Faro, which annually receives around 2000 students from more than 80 nationalities. UAlg is increasingly investing in the mobility of students, teachers and researchers and is pioneer in offering and coordinating mobility projects in Portugal, in particular in the Erasmus Mundus program.

5Erasmus Masters Mundus
+450Cooperation protocols
+2000International students

See how you can carry out a period of your studies, a staff week or part of your research at UAlg, through the Erasmus + program or a cooperation protocol.

See how you can have a unique experience anywhere in the world as a student, staff or researcher, through the Erasmus + program or a cooperation protocol.

Get to know a set of reasons for choosing the Algarve not only as a tourist destination, but also as an academic destination, increasingly referenced.

“UAlg welcomed me and provided me with incredible experiences. I participated in the Erasmus + program and had professional experience at UAlg. Coming to live in Faro provided me with good experiences, because in addition to being in the most beautiful region of Portugal, it is a city that breathes university life. ”

Pedro Nogueira


“Studying and living in Faro is a dream come true. It is possible to have quality of life and be close to everything. I highlight the feeling of security and freedom, the pleasant climate, the access to wonderful beaches and the possibility of being close to students from all over the world. ”

Luana T. Nesi de Mello


“There is no more enriching experience for any student who leaves their surroundings and can expand their worldview. These and other sensations I could feel at UAlg. I was "at home" and very grateful mainly for the resources provided by the people who are part of this institution. "

Adriano Alves