International Credit Mobility

Through International Credit Mobility, students can study abroad and staff can carry out teaching or training assignments.

The Erasmus+ programme aims to strengthen skills and employability, as well as modernising education, training and youth work. The programme, which covers a seven-year period (2014-2020), will have a budget of 14.7 billion euros, which represents an increase of 40% in relation to current expenditure levels, in line with the commitment of the EU to invest in this area.

Erasmus+ is an EU programme in the field of education, training, youth and sport that will give more than four million Europeans the opportunity to study, follow a training course, gain work experience or volunteer abroad. It will support the establishment of transnational partnerships between education, training and youth institutions and organisations, with a view to fostering cooperation and bringing the worlds of education and work closer together, in order to bridge the skills gaps in Europe.

The programme will also support measures taken to modernise education systems in Europe and the world, and is open to the following types of countries:

  • Programme Countries (EU) - countries that can participate in all Erasmus+ Programme actions
  • Partner Countries (Non-EU) - countries that can participate in some programme actions subject to specific criteria and conditions

One of the objectives of the programme is to promote individual learning mobility in higher education for students and staff (teaching and non-teaching), both in the programme countries (Europe) and in partner countries (Non-EU). 

Projects Coordinated by UAlg

The University coordinates the Mare Nostrum consortium accredited by the National Erasmus+ Agency, with reference: 2016-1-PT01-KA108-022663, valid until 2019. This consortium comprises: University of Évora, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and University Porto.

Approved projects in force:

The University is part of the following consortia led by Universidade Nova de Lisboa and University of the Minho, respectively:


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