The growth of research at the University of Algarve has had an unequivocal impact on the region. Learn about our action plan and how UAlg intends to provide a local contribution to global development.

University of Algarve, a vision of the future

Aware of the Sustainable Development Goals, which define the global priorities and aspirations for the University’s 2030 Agenda and require global action to be taken around the world, the University of Algarve has numerous lines of research that fall within the 17 Objectives set out by the United Nations (UN).


Establishing an action plan based on the environment, combating climate change, people and the planet, UAlg aims to provide a local contribution to global development.


+5Research awards
7Research Units
+50Active Laboratories
+193National Projects
+24International Projects

Discover UAlg's projects within the scope of the 17 Sustainable Development goals to transform our world.

To mark the National Day of Scientific Culture, which is celebrated on the 24th of November, the University of Algarve launches the “2 Minutes of Science” initiative, a project that aims to promote the teaching of science and scientific culture, also making known the faces of it's scientists.

Sustainable Development Goals 2020 - Projects

Conheça o projeto que pretende compreender como as cidades terão de se adaptar às novas exigências de uma população envelhecida e muito heterogénea.

Conheça o projeto que promove atividades de turismo criativo construídas com base em tradições culturais locais, aptidões, conhecimentos e práticas artísticas emergentes.

Discover the project whose main objective is to add information and oceanographic knowledge from the Southwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Discover the project that aims to encourage the creation and accommodation of interactive films of different genres and technologies, contributing to the evolution of the audiovisual language.

Discover the project that wants to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of the heart.

Discover the LOVRia project, a project that aims to use the new information and communication technologies for the development of participatory science in the collection of data in Ria Formosa.

Discover the project, a project that aims to safeguard the oral heritage.

Get to know the project that proposes the reinforcement of positive behaviors in teenagers through video games.

Discover the project that develops an experimental program of cinema and education, focused on the theme of human rights.