Excellence Scholarships

The University of the Algarve, with the sponsorship of several companies that intend to associate with students of excellence, awards scholarships to the best students who join UAlg.
Universidade do Algarve


  • Students who enter with an application grade equal to or higher than 17 values, placed in 1st option, are awarded a Scholarship of Excellence, not being subject to serialization processes;
  • Students entering with an application grade equal to or higher than 15 values will be subject to the ranking criteria, for the purpose of awarding the Excellence Scholarships.


Higher average admission per course.


The amount of the scholarship pays the tuition fee for the 1st year of a bachelor's or integrated master's degree.


The grant award does not require an application. The selection is made by the University of Algarve, according to the criteria of the Regulation.

Scholarship Awarding

The scholarship will be given at the beginning of each school year in a public ceremony.

Sponsor Companies for the 2023/2024 Academic Year

59 Empresas Bolsas de Excelência 2023-2024



Regulamento Bolsas de Excelência