Lagos Living Science Center

The Centro de Ciência Viva de Lagos is mainly dedicated to the theme of Portuguese Discoveries, exposing the various sciences and arts related to navigation in the 15th and 16th centuries, such as cartography, shipbuilding and astronomy, through various activities.


Science and Technology meet in a fun and educational way in a place full of activities for visitors of all ages.

Scientific and technological dissemination to the general public is the Centre's great motto, as well as the training of animators and teachers, support for schools, collaboration between scientific institutions, companies, municipalities and educational institutions.

In addition to the indoor exhibition spaces, the Ciência Viva Center in Lagos (CCVL) has almost 2000m2 of outdoor spaces dedicated to Science, which include the Jardim do Farol and the Jardim das Descobertas both with an excellent view of the bay of Lagos.

The CCVL also has a multipurpose space, equipped for lectures, exhibitions and various activities, and a Science garden with an excellent view of the bay and with a small open-air auditorium. In these spaces, diverse activities are stimulated that stimulate in all the taste for the adventure of knowledge.

The program includes lectures to disseminate and debate ideas, astronomical observations or experimental workshops, planned according to the age level of the participants. Here, stirring is mandatory!

Another of the CCVL's strengths is the field trips, aimed at schools, families and tourists, ranging from visits to dinosaur footprints, to the geology of Praia da Luz, geology in an urban context or the biology of puddles tidal.

The CCVL located above the Lagos Municipal Market remains an opportunity for the family weekend.


Lagos Live Science Center
Rua Dr. Faria e Silva 34
8600-734 Lagos

Telephones: +351 282 770 000 / 965 149 748