Doctoral College


UAlg Doctoral College main mission is to contribute to the excellence and regional, national and international recognition of doctoral training offered by UAlg, with a view to providing an integrated response to the different Doctoral Programs offered at UAlg, in order to guarantee its quality, promotion of interdisciplinarity and internationalization. It is also intended, in the appropriate areas, to develop advanced distance training, further contributing to the pursuit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Considering that within the scope of their mission, universities should promote postgraduate training and contribute to the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge, as well as ensuring that the knowledge produced leads to socially relevant innovation, the UAlg Doctoral College in articulation with the Organic Units and with the Research and Development Units, its mission is to guarantee and promote the quality of student training and the guidance exercised by UAlg 3rd cycle teachers.

It is intended to enhance the existing Doctoral Programs at the University of Algarve, with the joint offer to students of transversal training, not only in the scientific and technical domains, but also in the acquisition of transversal skills, in the personal, social and professional domains, which will be transferable either to the ongoing PhD process or to an innovative post-doctoral professional activity.

The UAlg Doctoral College is part of the UAlg Postgraduate Research and Training Support Unit (UAIC) and has Regulation No. 1037/2020 published in Diário da República, 2nd series PART E (No. 227 20 November 2020) - see Supporting Documents tab.

UAlg Doctoral College organizes an annual event with communications for non-scientific audiences by all doctoral students and supervisors, in rotation and in partnership with Municipalities of the Algarve, Institutions and Companies. The College's international strategic partners will also be present at the event, including the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC-US).



Director: Leonor Cancela

Vice-Rector who oversees the Doctoral College: Alexandra Teodósio




Organic Unit / R&D Unit Teacher Student
FCT Debora Mary Power Inês Cristina Carreira Costa
FMCB Clévio Nóbrega Gil Martins
FE Rui Nunes Beatriz Gonçalves
FCHS Cristina Nunes Luana Mello


R&D Unit Researcher
CCMAR Gareth Anthony Pearson


Unit Technical and administrative advice and support
UAIC/DIE Maria João Cruz

Transversal Courses

The identification and availability of an integrated portfolio of transversal curricular units, namely scientific writing, science communication, entrepreneurship, to be offered to students from different Doctoral Programs, both in person and at a distance. The transversal courses can be offered within the scope of doctoral programs or postgraduate courses in the field of scientific research UAlg.


  • Science Communication
  • Scientific Writing for Natural Sciences
  • Entrepreneurship for scientists
  • Advanced data analysis