UAlg supports the promotion and transformation of ideas and talents into business opportunities and entrepreneurial initiatives, promoting the creation of innovative and knowledge-based companies, called "start-ups" and "spin-offs", and dynamic creative businesses, providing interdisciplinary spaces of encounter and convergence between production and creative enjoyment, with integration of the value chain and creative subsectors.

Aware of the interest that UAlg's connection with the business universe has, fostering a proximity that benefits from the convergence of synergies, as well as the vocation that the free spaces existing within the UAlg Campuses enjoy in order to incubate companies, is The role played by the Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer, commonly known as the CRIA Division, is crucial in the development of projects to support the enterprise and business incubation.

In this context, initiatives designed to promote and encourage the transfer of knowledge, operated through mechanisms to support pre-incubation, incubation, post-incubation, and virtual incubation of companies, are inserted in this context. These actions usually rely on the collaboration and monitoring of the Algarve Region Coordination and Development Commission, CCDR Algarve, with a view to strengthening the support infrastructure of UAlg.


Cabinet equipped with basic furniture


Laboratory equipped with Fume hood

In terms of supporting the development and consolidation of business ideas, the University of Algarve, through the Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer Division (CRIA), permanently collaborates with several Incubation Centers and Business Parks, providing incubation and implementation solutions for innovative companies and for entrepreneurial projects in the various sectors of activity.

Additionally, CRIA takes over the management of some pre-incubation and incubation spaces, made available by the University of Algarve, on the various campuses.

The Incubator provides, whenever possible, the following facilities:

a) Common spaces: reception area, meeting rooms, social areas and shared spaces for “co-working”;
b) Offices, equipped with basic furniture;
c) Shared offices equipped with basic furniture.
d) Laboratory and pre-laboratory spaces.

In addition to physical incubation, there is also the possibility of taking advantage of a Virtual Incubation service that includes the use of common spaces and access to the incubator's general support services, including reception of correspondence, access to events and dynamics, and the specialized support in support of the entrepreneurial process.

For more information on business incubation, see the University of Algarve Business Incubation Regulation.


Regulamento de Incubação de Empresas da Universidade do Algarve

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