Why Choose UAlg?

If you want to study a cycle of studies in a young institution, located by the sea, or want to be free to do research, or, simply, because you are looking for new challenges in a climate of proximity and diversity, then accept the challenge and enter the UAlg world.


  • Prime location next to Faro Airport
  • Quality of teaching and research
  • Excellent infrastructures
  • Good synergies with the region
  • A gym with central and international status
  • Featured in various international rankings

Distributed over three campuses, UAlg offers a series of support mechanisms for students in different areas such as accommodation, food, mobility, health and well-being.

See how you can make your application and join a cycle of undergraduate and integrated master studies. Or if you have already completed this cycle of studies, see how you can proceed to an advanced training course (masters or doctorate).

UAlg stands out with a maximum rating in 5 research and technology transfer indicators.

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