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The University's mission is to transmit knowledge, but also to generate knowledge through research and development activities of art.

​The diffusion of knowledge obviously goes through the classes taught in the University's courses, but also through the publications and communications that its researchers and professors make in specialized magazines and (inter) national congresses. However, " Scientific knowledge constitutes an asset of greater magnitude, a public good, belonging to all, accessible to all and which should benefit everyone. As a common good, its promotion is crucial and should play a central role in public policies. Knowledge is for everyone and for everyone. ”

​It was in line with this idea that the UAlgoritmo magazine was created, created to disseminate the knowledge generated at the University of Algarve. Thus, the articles presented in the UAlgoritmo magazine are based on articles already published in specialized (inter) national journals and evaluated by expert scientists.

UAlgoritmo magazine aims to bring knowledge to everyone in the most accessible way possible. Now, we know that, in general, scientists are very good at talking about science with other scientists, but they fail or have greater difficulties when it is necessary to communicate science to audiences or non-scientific audiences. Thus, in order for the texts of the UAlgoritmo magazine to be clearer and noticeable by all, these texts are analyzed and revised by non-scientific reviewers, the Students of Secondary Education in Schools in the Algarve, under the coordination and guidance of a Teacher ( The). 

We hope that the Schools and Students of the Algarve will be available to support us in this sharing, in open access for all, of the knowledge produced at the University of the Algarve.

​Finally, this UAlgoritmo project is dedicated to Laura Bragança, a curious girl, who tried to understand what was being done in the research laboratories of the University of Algarve, and who inspired the realization of this idea of a scientific journal for all. Laura supported this idea by convincing us that, like her and her friends, many more students would be interested in participating and curious to know more about the activities carried out at the University of Algarve.

Laura is no longer with us since May 10, 2019. He will be 16 years old for eternity, without seeing this project completed, but the UAlgoritmo will be a tribute to his memory.

Initial Issues


The main authors of communications for UAlgoritmo must be researchers / professors at the University of Algarve and submit an article written in a simple way for a lay audience. In fact, the essence of this project is to take the research activities of the University of Algarve to everyone. The communication should summarize the contents of a recent article, published in a peer-reviewed journal, in which the author (s) of the University of Algarve is / are the corresponding author (s).

For more information about the project and / or to obtain a guide for the elaboration of the article, please contact us.



Reviewers play a very important role in the UAlgoritmo project to ensure that published texts are as clear as possible so that everyone can understand the contribution of the University of Algarve in research and art in its multiple forms.

​The rules are simple: in a secondary school, form a group of fun people interested in science, innovation and other social challenges and a teacher who can animate and coordinate this activity. The Teacher will be our interlocutor with the group.

​To thank the reviewers for their efforts, in the UAlgoritmo publications, the names and description of our groups of reviewers are indicated.

​For more information about the project and / or to obtain a guide for reviewing articles, please contact us.

The latest edition of UAlgoritmo is available here. Meet her and join us!



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