The concept of technological / scientific-based entrepreneurship reflects more than the mere creation of a company. It assumes the existence of a culture of creativity, innovation and perceived risk, given the constant challenges of context.  

In order to respond to the specific challenges posed to each entrepreneur throughout the innovation process, CRIA - Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer of the University of Algarve, assumes as its objectives the promotion of entrepreneurship within the academic community, focusing on in the identification of knowledge with market potential, and its respective valuation in new products and services.

Integrated in CRIA, the Office of Support to Entrepreneurship and Business Development, supports professors, researchers, students and alumni of the University of Algarve, in the sense of validating and stimulating their business ideas, including solid technical support in the creation of new knowledge-based companies (spin-offs and start-ups) and the potential integration in the incubation spaces provided by the University of Algarve.

Lines of Action

  • Promotion of technological / scientific-based entrepreneurship among the academic, scientific and civil community;
  • Valuation, validation, creation and consolidation of technology-based business ideas ( Start-Ups );
  • Identification and enhancement of the results of R & D (Innovation and Technological Development) that can be commercialized through the creation of new companies (Spin-Offs);
  • Promotion of the disclosure of credit lines for business projects originating at the University of Algarve, as well as supporting the preparation of applications for these possible sources of financing;
  • Integration of business projects in the various collaboration networks of the University of Algarve;
  • Management of the incubation spaces provided by the University of Algarve.




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