Santander University Scholarships

The aim is to combat school drop-outs and support students at the University of the Algarve.
Universidade do Algarve


These shcolarships are for students registered and enrolled at the University of the Algarve on courses:

  • Professional Higher Technical Courses (CTeSP)
  • Bachelor
  • Integrated Master's Degree
  • Master

Resident in Portugal, holders of a Portuguese Citizen Card/Permanent Residence Permit or Temporary Residence Permit, who are demonstrably in a situation of greater social and economic vulnerability and who meet the eligibility conditions set out in the specific requirements defined here.


  1. Academic merit
  2. Economic and financial situation
  3. Students who are beneficiaries of Social Action or Other Entity Scholarships and/or who entered the University of the Algarve through mobility and/or exchange programmes are not considered eligible.


Applications must be submitted until 15th November 2023 exclusively on the Bolsas Santander online platform, with the supporting documents required by the regulations in a single PDF file.

Each student is responsible for preparing and submitting their application and supporting documents exclusively on the Platform.

An incomplete application will result in the scholarship rejection.

Scholarship Awarding

Seventy cash scholarships will be awarded for the 2023/2024 academic year. The value of each scholarship awarded will be 500 euros.


Applications will be assessed and graded by the UAlg Social Action Services and announced on 15th December 2023.


Bolsas Santander 2023/24 - Requisitos Específicos
Declaração de Compromisso de Honra - Rendimentos agregado familiar

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