Laboratory of Hearing and Speech Therapy Lília Brinca

The Laboratory of Hearing and Speech Therapy Lília Brinca (L.A.T.F.) is a structure linked to the Higher School of Health of the University of Algarve (ESSUAlg).

In the L.A.T.F. Speech Therapy and Audiology services are provided in public and private systems.

In the public system, referral of users to Speech Therapy consultations can be carried out by speech therapists at ACES and family doctors. The referral of users for audiological exams is carried out by family doctors from all Health Centers in the Algarve.

The credentials issued by the respective family doctors, through “Exams Without Paper” through the SNS citizen portal, must be printed by the user so that they can be accepted in the L.A.T.F.

To make an appointment to the private system you must contact LATF and / or ESSUAlg. In a private system, the sessions and auditory exams have a cost fixed by the institution.

At LATF, Speech Therapy sessions are provided to children, adolescents and adults with alterations in Communication, Language, Speech, Reading and Writing, Voice and Central Auditory Processing.

LATF is located at the Gambelas Campus, at the University of Algarve, in rooms E10 to E15.


LATF Coordination

Technical Responsible: Carolina Gil (speech therapist)

Education and Research Manager: Ana Catarina Batista (ESSUAlg teacher)


Telefone: 289 800 100


Horário para marcações: 9h às 16h