You can apply online for your academic status or training documents

Issuing of Documents

  • Via online form

    Certification request here

  • Through the DocumentsNet functionality, available on the Academic Portal
  • At the Academic Services Office

upon payment of the respective fee (see the Documents box below)

Degree Certificate

Ownership of the degree obtained by students who complete the study plan for the undergraduate or integrated master's, master's or doctoral programs in which they are enrolled is proven by means of a degree registration certificate, accompanied by a diploma supplement. 

For professional higher technical courses, the title of the diploma is proven only by a certificate of registration.

Diploma Supplement

The diploma supplement is a bilingual document, written in Portuguese and English, complementary to the diploma, which describes the Portuguese higher education system, characterises the institution that taught and conferred the diploma and the training carried out, while providing detailed information about the training and results obtained.

The diploma supplement is not a curriculum vitae, nor does it replace the diploma, and does not constitute proof of ownership of the qualification.

The University of Algarve recognises the relevance of academic activities developed by the student, allowing their inclusion in the supplement to the diploma under Complementary Information (see box of Documents below).

Course Certificate (Diploma) and Doctoral Letter

In addition to the registration certificate, a course letter may be requested by the student if they have completed a bachelor's, master's or integrated master's degree, or a doctoral letter if they have completed a PhD. 

Issuance Deadlines

With the exception of documents requested with urgency, deadlines for issuing the documents are as follows:

  • 30 working days for degree registration certificates and respective diploma supplements
  • 90 working days for course letters
  • 10 working days for all other certificates

The period for issuance will be calculated from the date of payment of the respective fees or the regularisation of the classification entry, if missing.  

The following are exempt from fees for UAlg students:

  • Certificates for the purposes of ADSE or other health subsystems, family benefits, IRS, military purposes and blood pensions
  • Certificates of achievement/final assessments of students taking part in mobility programmes
  • Certificates of achievement of students enrolled in Erasmus Mundus study cycles
  • Achievement certificates to be sent to partner institutions for students registered and enrolled in association courses, when previously agreed upon

Dom Afonso III Institute (INUAF)

Issuance Deadlines and Fees

As the University of the Algarve has taken over custody of INUAF's academic estate, certifications issued will be limited to a specific set of documents with different issuance deadlines and fees (see Document box below).


Tabela de taxas e emolumentos dos Serviços Académicos
Tabela de Taxas e Emolumentos - INUAF
Atividades para o suplemento do diploma