Informatics and Computing

IT services are responsible for providing, maintaining and operating computer resources with a view to procedural dematerialization, support for teaching, research and technology transfer, promoting innovation and technological quality for universal use by the community.

Functional contents of computer services are:

  • Administer all the services provided by SIUAlg in a centralized way, in terms of computer infrastructures, applications, databases and computer systems for free or conditioned use, provided they are licensed or duly authorized, ensuring their regular functioning, their optimization, updating, conservation and safety
  • Manage all decentralized IT services on SIUAlg administration
  • Administer user authentication services in the central directory, federation and digital certificates, safeguarding data security and access to private and confidential information
  • Manage and administer the infrastructure of data centers and wired and wireless communications, Voice over IP and mobile voice services, provided they are managed by SIUAlg
  • Manage the multimedia resources for use in videoconferencing, streaming and recording in the rooms designed for this purpose, as well as promoting the development of these technologies and support for distance learning;
  • Define and manage security policies that safeguard the internal and external security of the UAlg data and network
  • Manage the IT park administered by SIUAlg, including classroom equipment, virtual terminals, clouds and other associated IT technologies
  • Guarantee technical support and support to the IT resources of UAlg users in the exclusive use of resources and services for the University's activity
  • Ensure IT consultancy actions requested by UAlg services, organic and functional units with a view to the evolution of IT architecture and technological means available to the University, ensuring interoperability and adequate levels of integration between the various systems and technologies
  • Assuring the services of application development or information and integration systems, as well as the management and exploitation of databases for the purposes of management and decision support
  • Ensure the implementation of information systems and, consequently, their maintenance and evolution


Regulamento interno dos serviços de informática da UAlg

Gambelas Campus, Building 1, Room 1.49

Penha Campus, ISE main building, Room 26

Phone: +351 289 244 450


Technical support schedule

Working days from 9 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to 5:30 pm.